Booker T. Jones

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Booker T. Jones

Label(s): A&M Records
Recording Years: 1978-1981

"Otis [Redding] taught me a lot about the rawness of music and about working live and getting people excited and creating a feeling. And Isaac Hayes, who couldn't play the piano but stood there watching me and taught himself to play, he had his own ideas and he made great music."

"The important thing always was to be fresh. You can't redo 'Green Onions.' That was a new sound."

Jerry Moss asked Booker T. Jones to write and produce albums for himself on A&M Records. They entered into a contract in 1970.

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Booker T. and Priscilla
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Booker T. Jones
   Born: Nov 12, 1944
   Instrument(s): vocals, keyboards
   See Booker T. and Priscilla

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