Count Basie Orchestra

Count Basie Orchestra BIOGRAPHY

Count Basie Orchestra

Label(s): Denon Records
Recording Years: 1990-1991

Bill Highes
   Instrument(s): trombone
Bob Ojeda
   Instrument(s): trumpet
Byron Stripling
   Instrument(s): trumpet
Carmen Bradford
   Instrument(s): vocals
Clarence Banks
   Instrument(s): trombone
Count Basie
   Born: Sep 21, 1904      Died: Apr 26, 1984
   Instrument(s): piano
Danny House
   Instrument(s): sax, reeds
Danny Turner
   Instrument(s): sax, reeds
Dennis Mackrel
   Instrument(s): drums
Dennis Wilson
   Instrument(s): trombone
Eric Dixon
   Instrument(s): flute, sax, reeds
Frank Foster
   Instrument(s): sax, reeds
Freddie Green
   Instrument(s): guitar
John Williams
   Instrument(s): sax, reeds
Kenny King
   Instrument(s): sax, reeds
Lynn Eaton
   Instrument(s): bass, vocals
Lynn Seaton
   Instrument(s): bass
Mel Wanzo
   Instrument(s): trombone
Melton Mustafa
   Instrument(s): flugelhorn, trumpet
Sonny Cohn
   Instrument(s): trumpet
Tee Carson
   Instrument(s): piano

Count Basie Orchestra PHOTOS

Count Basie Orchestra
Long Live the Chief
U.S.CD © 1991 Denon Records

Count Basie Orchestra DISCOGRAPHY


  1 = long playing vinyl album
  2 = compact disc
  3 = VHS video tape
  4 = cassette tape
  5 = Digital Compact Cassette
  7 = 7-inch vinyl single
  8 = 8-track tape
  9 = Longbox cassette
  0 = open reel tape
12 = 12-inch single
PS = picture sleeve
TS = cassette single
MT = mastertone/ringback

Count Basie Orchestra U.S. Album Discography

Legend, the Legay (the)Denon Records81757 37901990
Long Live the ChiefDenon Records81757 10181991

Count Basie Orchestra U.S. Singles and E.P. Discography

No Singles Found.

Count Basie Orchestra U.S. Song List

Legend, the Legay (the)199081757 3790
Booze Brothers
Katherine the Great
Young and Foolish
Do Nothin' Til You Hear From Me
Exactly Like You
Papa Foss
Bring on the Raindrops
Whirly Bird
We Be Jammin'/Lady Carolyn/State of the Art Swing
One O'Clock Jump

Long Live the Chief199181757 1018
You Got It
April in Paris
Misunderstood Blues
Autumn Leaves
Foggy Day (a)
Good Time Blues
Hey! I See You Over There
Lil' Darlin'
Bus Dust
Corner Pocket
Dr. Feelgood
Four Five Six
Shiny Stockings

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