Neville Brothers

Neville Brothers BIOGRAPHY

Neville Brothers

Label(s): A&M Records
Recording Years: 1981, 1989-1996, 1999-2000

Art Neville told The Wall Street Journal, "After [Bette Midler] heard us play at Tipitina's, we spoke and she said she was going to tell Jerry Moss ofAA&M Records about us. She did, and we were signed."

"One of the great things about doing [Yellow Moon] and working with [producer] Daniel Lanois is that rather than going into a studio somewhere, he kind of built the studio around us. We got this big house in uptown New Orleas near our neighborhood and he brought in all his euipment and set it up acoustically. We would play and he would experiment with placement of microphones and speakers. So we could play without using headphones. The way recordings were done in the old days." By August 1991, the album had sold over 800,000 copies worldwide.

"[Our music is] a combination of different influences. It's rhythm and blues, it's funk, it's jazz, it's African, it's Caribbean, it's Creole, it's swamp!...we just call it a 'gumbo.' Make sure there's a lot of different ingredients."

Fiyo on the Bayou was a funky version of the Neville's concert. The album did not sell well and A&M dropped the Neville Brothers.

In 1981, an unknown Whitney Houston shared back-up vocals with her mother Cissy Houston on the Neville Brothers Fiyo on the Bayou album.

To support the release of Live on Planet Earth, A&M concentrated promotion around New Orleas Jazz & Heritage Festival. The Nevilles opened and closed the festival and made appeances at the festival. A&M issued a three-track promotional CD to adult alternative radio statnions.

"We just wanna keep writing songs, and keep making records, and be heard. This is our life, you know? We just wanna keep living it and pave a way for the ones coming behind us, so it won't be so hard for them," Aaron Neville told Steve Pond.

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Aaron Neville
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Aaron Neville
   Born: Jan 24, 1941
   Member Years: 1981, 1989
   Instrument(s): vocals
   See Aaron Neville, Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt
Art Neville
   Born: Dec 17, 1937
   Member Years: 1981, 1989
   Instrument(s): keyboards
Brian Stoltz
   Member Years: 1989
   Instrument(s): guitars, percussion, vocals
Charles Neville
   Born: Dec 28, 1938
   Member Years: 1981, 1989
   Instrument(s): percussion
Cyril Neville
   Born: Jan 10, 1948
   Member Years: 1981, 1989
   Instrument(s): vocals
Tony Hall
   Member Years: 1989
   Instrument(s): bass, percussion, vocals
Willie Green
   Member Years: 1989
   Instrument(s): drums

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  1 = long playing vinyl album
  2 = compact disc
  3 = VHS video tape
  4 = cassette tape
  5 = Digital Compact Cassette
  7 = 7-inch vinyl single
  8 = 8-track tape
  9 = Longbox cassette
  0 = open reel tape
12 = 12-inch single
PS = picture sleeve
TS = cassette single
MT = mastertone/ringback

Neville Brothers U.S. Album Discography

20th Century Masters the Millennium CollectionA&M Records60249862322004
All My RelationsA&M Records1996
Authorized Bootleg (San Francisco Feb. 27, 1989)A&M Records602524747232010
Bird on a WireA&M RecordsSP 180361990
Brother's KeeperA&M Records75021 53121990
Change Is Gonna Come/Christmas Song (the)/People Say/Tell It Like It Is/Yellow Moon/Shake Your TambourineA&M RecordsSP 179311989
Congo Square/Yellow MoonA&M Records31458 82751994
Evolution of the Groove 1981 To NowA&M Records75021 73501992
Family GrooveA&M Records397 1801992
Family GrooveA&M Records75021 53841992
Fire and BrimstoneA&M RecordsSP 177391989
Fiyo On the BayouA&M Records75021 48661990
Fiyo on the BayouA&M RecordsSP 48661981
Fiyo/Yellow Moon/Family GrooveA&M Records31454 02740000
Fly Like an EagleA&M Records75021 73491992
Fly Like an Eagle/One More Day/Day ThingA&M Records75021 73761992
Greatest HitsA&M Records31454 09461998
Live on Planet EarthA&M Records31454 02251994
One More DayA&M Records75021 73810000
One More Day/Saxofunk/Wild InjunsA&M Records31458 00141992
River of LifeA&M Records75021 74031990
Sister RosaA&M RecordsSP 177321989
Sister RosaA&M RecordsSP 177691989
Take Me To HeartA&M Records31458 80351992
Uptown Rulin'--the Best of Neville BrothersA&M Records60694904031999
With God on Our SideA&M RecordsSP 179801989
Yellow MoonA&M Records602547 6066552016
Yellow MoonA&M Records75021 52401990
Yellow MoonA&M RecordsSP 177821989
Yellow MoonA&M RecordsSP 52401989

Neville Brothers U.S. Singles and E.P. Discography

Bird on a WireA&M RecordsAM 14991991
Bird on a WireA&M RecordsSP 123310000
Bird on a Wire/Yellow Moon/Healing ChantA&M Records75021 23311990
Fire and BrimstoneA&M RecordsSP 177231989
Fly Like an EagleA&M Records75021 24011992
Mona LisaA&M Records23841981
One More DayA&M Records31458 80121992
Sister RosaA&M RecordsAM 14101989
Sister RosaA&M RecordsSP 123061989
Sister Rosa/VoodooA&M RecordsAM 12771989
Sitting in Limbo/Brother John/Iko IkoA&M Records23581981
Sweet Honey Dripper/Brother John-IkoA&M Records23881981
Yellow MoonA&M RecordsSP 178341989
Yellow Moon/Healing ChantA&M RecordsAM 14341989

Neville Brothers U.S. Song List

20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection20046024986232
Fire on the Bayou
Brother John/Iko, Iko
Hey Pocky Way
Change Is Gonna Come (a)
Yellow Moon
Sister Rosa
Bird on a Wire
Brother Blood
Fly Like an Eagle
Ain't No Sunshine
Let My People Go/Get Up Stand Up

A Taste of the Family Groove1992865 929
Fly Like an Eagle (7" Remix)
I Can See It In Your Eyes
Line of Fire
True Love
One More Day
Family Groove

Ain't No Sunshine2009602527 318318
Ain't No Sunshine
Ain't No Sunshine
Ain't No Sunshine
Ain't No Sunshine
Ain't No Sunshine
Ain't No Sunshine
Ain't No Sunshine
Ain't No Sunshine
Ain't No Sunshine

All My Relations1996

Authorized Bootleg (San Francisco Feb. 27, 1989)201060252474723
Fire on the Bayou
Hey Pocky Way
Junk Man
Mojo Hannah
Wake Up
Voo Doo
Yellow Moon
Tell It Like It Is
Instrumental Jam
My Blood
Sister Rosa
Brother John/Iko Iko/Do You Want to Dance/Banana Song (the)
Shake Your Tambourine
Big Chief
Johnny B. Goode
Boney Maronie
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Slow Down
Rip It Up
Oh Boy!
Long Tall Sally
Spoken Introductions/Insturmental
Amazing Grace
One Love
Closing Instrumental

Bird on a Wire1991AM 1499

Bird on a Wire0SP 12331
Bird On a Wire

Bird on a Wire1990SP 18036
Bird On a Wire
Bird On a Wire

Bird on a Wire199075021 1499
Bird on a Wire

Bird on a Wire/Yellow Moon/Healing Chant199075021 2331
Bird On a Wire
Yellow Moon
Healing Chant

Brother's Keeper199075021 5312
Brother Blood
Brother Jake
Steer Me Right
Sons and Daughters
Fallin' Rain
Jah Love
River Of Life
My Brother's Keeper
Sons and Daughters (Reprise)
Mystery Train
Bird On a Wire

Change Is Gonna Come (a)/With God on Our Side1990SP 18011
Change Is Gonna Come (a)
With God On Our Side

Change Is Gonna Come/Christmas Song (the)/People Say/Tell It Like It Is/Yellow Moon/Shake Your Tambourine1989SP 17931
Christmas Song
Change Is Gonna Come (a)
People Say

Congo Square/Yellow Moon199431458 8275
Congo Square
Yellow Moon
Congo Square

Evolution of the Groove 1981 To Now199275021 7350