Roger Kellaway

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Roger Kellaway

Label(s): A&M Records
Recording Years: 1971-1973

Signed to a long-term contract with A&M Records in 1970.

A&M artist Roger Kellaway wrote the closing theme for the very popular "All in the Family" television series. The song was titled "Remembering You." The show's star Carroll O'Connor used the song as the title for his A&M album.

Center of the Circle had a working title of the closing track "Song of the Earth."

Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet

Roger Kellaway
   Born: Nov 01, 1939
   Instrument(s): piano
   See Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet

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  0 = open reel tape
12 = 12-inch single
PS = picture sleeve
TS = cassette single
MT = mastertone/ringback

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