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Label(s): A&M Records, A&M (PGD/Uni), Nimbus Records, I.R.S. Records
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  1 = long playing vinyl album
  2 = compact disc
  3 = VHS video tape
  4 = cassette tape
  5 = Digital Compact Cassette
  7 = 7-inch vinyl single
  8 = 8-track tape
  9 = Longbox cassette
  0 = open reel tape
12 = 12-inch single
PS = picture sleeve
TS = cassette single
MT = mastertone/ringback

Various Artists U.S. Album Discography

10 Glorious Organs In Europe: Bach et alDenon Records81757 71801991
1997 Rock SamplerA&M RecordsAMSAD 003801996
A&M Bootleg Album (the)A&M RecordsSP 80221971
A&M Christmas AlbumA&M RecordsSP 50981985
A&M February Releases--a PreviewA&M RecordsSP 81600000
A&M GospelA&M Records75021 72541992
A&M Gospel 3A&M Records31454 80121992
A&M Hot Summer Cool MusicA&M Records0000
A&M Jazz Heritage SamplerA&M RecordsSP 176071988
A&M Jazz Series Sampler Spring 1989A&M RecordsSP 177671989
A&M Launch of Nimbus Records (the)Nimbus RecordsNI AMS0000
A&M Monthly Selections Feb. No. 1/My But That's a Fine SoundA&M Records0000
A&M Presents CD3A&M RecordsSP 175431988
A&M Records Gospel 2A&M Records75021 73561992
A&M Records SamplerA&M Records31454 80471993
A&M Records Various Monthly Sampler--MarchA&M Records0000
A&M Spring '75 SamplerA&M RecordsSP 83111975
A&M Spring FeverA&M RecordsSP 83101975
A&M Summer SpectacularA&M RecordsSP 83301975
A&M the Urban SideA&M Records31454 80721998
Almofonic/Irving Music Image-BuildingA&M RecordsSP 80880000
Alternative Rock A&MA&M RecordsAMSAD 003871997
An Evening With Windham Hill, LiveWindham Hill RecordsWH 10260000
AT&T Student Saver Plus--1992 Electoral BlastA&M Records75021 73591992
Audio Master Plus Sampler Vol. 1CTI RecordsSP 30001983
Audio Master Plus Sampler Vol. 2CTI RecordsSP 30211984
Best Of All: GMA Top 10 1983Word RecordsWR 82490000
Best of New Music from A&MA&M Records31454 80270000
Beyond WordsA&M Records31454 80391993
Brimstone and TreacleA&M RecordsSP 32450000
BulletsA&M RecordsSP 83711976
Burt Bacharach and FriendsA&M RecordsSP 190070000
Case of the Slipped DiscA&M RecordsSP 177151989
CommotionWindham Hill RecordsWH 01191989
Contemporary GiantsA&M RecordsSP 42340000
Critic's ChoiceCypress Records14166 01081990
Critic's ChoiceCypress RecordsYL 01080000
Critics Choice IICypress Records14166 01221990
CymbiosisCypress Records14166 01211990
CymbiosisCypress RecordsYL 01211988
Dance 2 It, Volume 2A&M RecordsSP 32110000
Deep CutsRondor Music InternationalDCPJ 0540000
Deep CutsRondor Music InternationalDCPJ-0541996
Deep Cuts IIRondor Music InternationalDCPJ 1091999
Deep SixC/Z Records69712 40001994
Delos Solo and Chamber MusicDelos Records13491 35051990
East Memphis Music: the Hits from the Stax EraRondor Music InternationalEM 500091984
Essence Of ChristmasWord Records75021 8526 B1992
European SamplerA&M RecordsSP 84250000
Face the FutureA&M Records75021 74591991
Fall/Winter Collection 1996A&M RecordsAMNCD 1041996
Family PortraitA&M RecordsSP 190021967
Faster, A&M! Kill! Kill!A&M RecordsAMSAD 000161995
Faster, Kill, KillA&M RecordsAMSAD 000631995
Firm BelieverWord RecordsWR 82940000
ForeplayA&M RecordsA&M 11977
ForeplayA&M RecordsA&M 31977
Forget Me NotsA&M RecordsSP 84001975
FriendsA&M RecordsSP 80210000
Gentle RainA&M RecordsSP 81221972
Get JazzedA&M RecordsSP 84131977
Glory of OrganDenon Records81757 12601990
Glow/Mermaid/Sweet As Candy/Oh Me, Oh My/Instant StreetRondor Music InternationalNone 20000
Good Records Don't Know What Time of the Year It IsA&M RecordsSP 175241988
GreenpeaceA&M RecordsSP 50911985
Guitar SamplerWindham Hill RecordsWH 10721988
Halloween HorrorsA&M Records75021 31521990
Halloween HorrorsA&M RecordsSP 31521981
Halloween HorrorsA&M RecordsSP 33001979
Hard Rock PicksA&M RecordsAMSAD 004141997
Hello My Name IsA&M RecordsAMSAD 000431995
Hit KitA&M RecordsSP 84301977
Hit Kit IIA&M RecordsSP 84441977
Hollenbeck Music/India Music, Ink. SamplerRondor Music InternationalHIMIP JO881998
Horizon Sampler #2A&M RecordsSP 83801976
Horizon Sampler #3A&M RecordsSP 83960000
House HallucinationsA&M Records75021 39281990
House HallucinationsA&M RecordsSP 39281989
How Many Cats Can You Fit In a Bucket?A&M Records31454 80601994
ICON a Very Special ChristmasA&M Records602537538102013
If We Give You This CD, Will You Be Our Best Friend?A&M Records75021 72391991
If You Know All This Music...You Probably Wrote ItA&M RecordsSP 174561987
Imaginary RoadsA&M RecordsSP 176391988
Interrupting Cow (the)A&M Records31454 80631994
IRS Greatest Hits Vol. 1I.R.S. RecordsSP 709501980
IRS Greatest Hits Vol. 2 and 3I.R.S. RecordsSP 708001981
It's the Pudding in the Mix SamplerA&M RecordsAMSAD 000031995
James Cleveland Tribute Album Volume 1Word Records75021 85301991
January 1973 New ReleasesA&M RecordsSP 81451973
King of Instruments Organ DemoDelos Records13491 35031990
Konbit: Burning Rhythms of HaitiA&M Records75021 52811990
Konbit: Burning Rhythms of HaitiA&M RecordsSP 52811989
Latin Dance SamplerAyM DiscosSP 370241987
Legacy--a Collection Of New FolkWindham Hill RecordsWH 10861989
Legend of Jesse JamesA&M Records75021 37181990
Legend of Jesse JamesA&M RecordsSP 37181980
Live At the Knitting FactoryA&M Records75021 52421990
Live At the Knitting FactoryA&M RecordsSP 52421989
Live At the Knitting Factory Vol. 2A&M Records75021 52761990
Live At the Knitting Factory Vol. 2A&M RecordsSP 52761989
Live At the Knitting Factory Vol. 3A&M Records75021 52991990
Live At the Knitting Factory Volume 4A&M Records75021 53321990
Live Woodstock 94 SamplerA&M Records31458 83721994
Lost in the Stars/Weill TributeA&M RecordsSP 51041985
Love That MusicA&M RecordsLTM-11977
Maiden AustraliaA&M RecordsSP 32460000
Maiden AustraliaA&M RecordsSP 49521983
Maiden AustraliaA&M RecordsSP 49861984
March Release--a PreviewA&M RecordsSP 81661973
Master and Servant1500 Records31458 25851998
Million Dollar Sound SamplerA&M RecordsSP 190011967
Monthly Sampler AprilA&M RecordsAMSAD 001681996
Monthly Sampler JanuaryA&M RecordsAMSAD 001271995
Monthly Selections : May - May DayA&M RecordsAMSAD 006301998
Music BoxA&M RecordsSP 190060000
Music From a Quiet PerspectiveA&M Records75021 72471991
Music of Kurt WeillA&M Records75021 51041990
Nadia's ThemeA&M RecordsSP 34121976
Nadia's ThemeA&M RecordsSP 84040000
Nimbus Digital Sampler 1986Nimbus RecordsNI 50621987
Nimbus Digital Sampler Volume 2Nimbus RecordsNI 50151987
Nimbus Sampler Volume 3Nimbus RecordsNI 50920000
No WaveA&M RecordsSP 31771982
No WaveA&M RecordsSP 47381978
Now How Much Would You Pay?A&M RecordsSP 177151989
Number One with a BulletCypress Records14166 01121990
Number One with a BulletCypress RecordsYL 01121988
Odyssey From AltecA&M RecordsSP 190091973
Only Club Album You'll Ever Need (the)A&M Records31454 07961997
Our ChristmasWord Records75021 84851990
Our HymnsWord Records75021 84391990
Our HymnsWord RecordsWR 84391989
Pave the EarthA&M RecordsSP 180471990
Phantom of the ParadiseA&M RecordsSP 31761982
Piano SamplerWindham Hill RecordsWH 10401985
Prima Voce: Caruso In OperaNimbus Records83603 78031990
Prima Voce: Caruso In SongNimbus Records83603 78091990
Prima Voce: Divas 1906-1935Nimbus Records83603 78021990
Prima Voce: Giovanni MartinelliNimbus Records83603 78041990
Prima Voce: Great Singers 1907-1938Nimbus Records83603 78011990
Prima Voce: Great Singers Vol. 2Nimbus Records83603 78121990
Prima Voce: Rosa Ponselle 1897-1981Nimbus Records83603 78051990
Prima Voce: RuffoNimbus Records83603 78101990
Prima Voce: Schumann-HeinkNimbus Records83603 78111990
Prima Voce: TetraziniNimbus Records83603 78081990
Prince's Trust Concert (the)A&M RecordsSP 39061987
PropagandaA&M RecordsSP 31781982
PropagandaA&M RecordsSP 47861979
R&B Hit KitA&M RecordsSP 84491977
Reggae ChartbustersA&M RecordsSP 42561970
Reggae SpectacularA&M Records75021 60151990
Rejoice: Twelve Gospel GreatsWord RecordsWR 84191988
Return of the Grievous Angel: a Tribute to Gram ParsonsAlmo SoundsAMSD 800241999
Rondor Group (the)A&M RecordsSP 80030000
Rondor Music International Music SamplerRondor Music InternationalMSPJ 0320000
Rondor Music--Country--Disc 1Rondor Music InternationalRondor 130000
Rondor Music--Country--Disc 2Rondor Music InternationalRondor 140000
Rondor Music--Country--Disc 3Rondor Music InternationalRondor 150000
Rondor Music--Country--Disc 4Rondor Music InternationalRondor 160000
Rondor Music--Pop/Rock--Disc 1Rondor Music InternationalRondor 50000
Rondor Music--Pop/Rock--Disc 2Rondor Music InternationalRondor 60000
Rondor Music--Pop/Rock--Disc 3Rondor Music InternationalRondor 70000
Rondor Music--Pop/Rock--Disc 4Rondor Music InternationalRondor 80000
Rondor Music--Rhythm & Blues--Disc 1Rondor Music InternationalRondor 90000
Rondor Music--Rhythm & Blues--Disc 2Rondor Music InternationalRondor 100000
Rondor Music--Rhythm & Blues--Disc 3Rondor Music InternationalRondor 110000
Rondor Music--Rhythm & Blues--Disc 4Rondor Music InternationalRondor 120000
Rondor Musicworks Composers Series Volume 1Rondor Music InternationalRMWDS 0011999
Salute To the CaravansA&M Records31454 00041992
SamplerA&M RecordsSP 80960000
Sampler '86Windham Hill RecordsWH 10481986
Sampler '88Windham Hill RecordsWH 10651988
Selected Songs From CyranoA&M RecordsSP 81310000
Selected Songs From CyranoA&M RecordsSP 81400000
Shape Of the Land (the)Windham Hill RecordsWH 10551986
Single VisionA&M Records1791996
So I Got Me One of Them Wiener DogsA&M Records1995
Some Music Makes Me DizzyA&M Records31454 80371992
Some Music Makes Me DizzyA&M Records31458 80371992
Something Festive!A&M RecordsSP 190030000
Soundscapes--Delos Sampler 2Delos Records13491 35011990
Soundscapes--Delos Sampler Vol. 1Delos Records13491 35001990
Southern Gospel's Greatest Hits Vol. 1Word RecordsWR 84081988
Southern Gospel's Greatest Hits Vol. 2Word RecordsWR 84091988
Stay AwakeA&M Records75021 39181990
Stay AwakeA&M RecordsSP 39181988
Strange BedfellowsA&M RecordsSP 52191988
Symphonic Sound Stage, Vo. 2 (the)Delos Records13491 35041990
Symphonic Soundstage Demo DiscDelos Records13491 35021990
That's the Way I Feel Now Monk TributeA&M Records75021 66001990
That's the Way I Feel Now Monk TributeA&M RecordsSP 65150000
That's the Way I Feel Now Monk TributeA&M RecordsSP 66001984
The 2nd Consecutive Migration of the Great American H.O.R.D.E. FestivalA&M Records31454 80351993
There's More Beyond WordsA&M Records31454 80551995
They Come to AmericaWord RecordsWR 83341986
This Is Not the Age of AquariusA&M RecordsSP 179461989
Thomas Whitfield: a Tribute To the MaestroA&M Records31454 00871993
Tribute To James Cleveland Volume IIA&M Records31454 00880000
Tribute to Thelonious MonkA&M RecordsSP 49990000
Unconventional ApproachA&M RecordsAMSAD 006951998
Urgh A Music WarA&M Records75021 60191990
Urgh a Music WarA&M RecordsSP 60191981
Very Special Christmas (a)A&M Records75021 39111990
Very Special Christmas (a)A&M RecordsSP 39111987
Very Special Christmas 1 and 2A&M Records60252750412011
Very Special Christmas 2 (a)A&M Records31454 00031992
Very Special Christmas Vol. 4 (a)A&M Records60694904841999
Vol. 1 Top 10 Songs From the Catalogs of Irving Music, Inc.A&M RecordsSP 81390000
Volume 2 Top 10 Songs From the Catalogues of Irving Music, Inc. and Almo Music Corp.A&M RecordsSP 81300000
Wanna Buy a Monkey?A&M RecordsAMSAD 00051995
We Wish You A&Merry ChristmasA&M RecordsSP 81121972
White MansionsA&M RecordsSP 46911978
White MansionsA&M RecordsSP 60041978
White Mansions/Legend of Jesse JamesA&M Records31454 07911999
White Mansions: Tale From the Civil WarA&M Records75021 60041992
Windham Hill Collection (the)Windham Hill RecordsWH 500001984
Windham Hill Gift SetWindham Hill RecordsWH 12010000
Windham Hill Radio Sampler Vol. 1A&M RecordsSP 177481989
Windham Hill Sampler '81Windham Hill RecordsWH 10151981
Windham Hill Sampler '82Windham Hill RecordsWH 10241982
Windham Hill Sampler '84Windham Hill RecordsWH 10351984
Windham Hill Sampler '89Windham Hill RecordsWH 10821989
Winter Solstice IIWindham Hill RecordsWH 10771988
Winter's Solstice (a)Windham Hill RecordsWH 10451985
Women of the NightA&M RecordsSP 52201988
Woodstock '94A&M Records31454 03221994
Woodstock '94A&M RecordsWOODST3-21994
Year Ago We Hadn't Heard Of Them Either (a)A&M RecordsSP 174131986
You Ain't Heard Nothing YetA&M RecordsSP 84290000

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