Stock Number
31458 0983
A&M Records
United States
CD single.
Released: 1995-2 -28
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve. Deleted 09/13/2004
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Run-Around (Single Edit) 00:04:12
2 Trust in Trust (Non-LP Track) 00:03:02
3 Regarding Steven (Non-LP Track) 00:04:44
4 Escaping (Non-LP Track) 00:04:57
5 The Poignant & Epic Saga Of Featherhead and Luck Lack (Non-LP Track) 00:05:11
Personnel Role
Blues Traveler arranger
Blues Traveler producer
David Swanson producer
David Swanson engineer
Gene Foster engineer
Michael Barbiero engineer
Michael Barbiero producer
Michael Barbiero arranger
Steve Thompson producer
Steve Thompson arranger