The Brat Pack

Stock Number
602547 432926
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2015-6 -30
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Love Me Forever or Love Me Not 12:04:24 AM
2 I'm Never Gonna Give You Up 12:05:09 AM
3 Every Time the Rain Starts to Fall 12:06:06 AM
4 Lonely Boy 12:05:35 AM
5 Time Vs. Love 12:05:53 AM
6 Unconditional Love 12:05:04 AM
7 Everyday 12:05:22 AM
8 Sugar 12:04:34 AM
9 You're the Only Woman 12:04:56 AM
10 Every Time the Rain Starts to Fall (Quiet Storm Mix) 12:06:11 AM
Personnel Role
Acar Key engineer
Alan Friedman programming
Barbara Warren-Pace coordination
Bashiri Johnson percussion
Ben Garrison assistant engineer
Bob Rosa mix
Bob Rosa engineer
Bruce Carbone executive producer
Carlos Segarra assistant engineer
Craig Derry background vocal