Coming Home

Stock Number
YL 0126
YL 0126-A, B
Cypress Records
United States
vinyl album, CD album.
Released: 1989
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Coming Home 00:06:33
2 In the Heart Of Town 00:05:26
3 Something Out Of Nowhere 00:05:22
4 Voices 00:05:33
5 Bright Greensville 00:00:00
6 Nocturne Part I 00:01:38
7 Nocturne Part II 00:05:40
8 Follow Me Home 00:03:49
9 Coming Home 00:03:56
Personnel Role
Billy Franze guitar
Bobby McFarlin guitar
Brian Gallagher tenor sax
Brian Gallagher wind instruments
Brian Gallagher producer
Bryce Intveld bass
Jeff Victor vocal
Jim Anton bass
Larry Nix mastering
Mark Anderson percussion