Chas Jankel - Chas Jankel

Stock Number
AMLH 68518
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1980-10
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Ai No Corrida 00:09:10
2 Peace At Last 00:02:50
3 Just a Thought 00:05:16
4 Lenta Latina 00:03:53
5 Fuse 00:00:35
6 Am I Honest With Myself Really? 00:14:51
7 Reverie 00:03:46
Credit Sort descending Role
Chas Jankel design
Chas Jankel guitar
Chas Jankel keyboards
Chas Jankel percussion
Chas Jankel producer
Chas Jankel synthesizer
Chas Jankel vocal
Chris Hunter alto sax
Chris Hunter tenor sax
Chris Jenkins engineer
Chris Warwick percussion
Chris Warwick producer
Chris Warwick programming
Kuma Harada bass
Mark Isham producer
Mark Isham soprano sax
Mark Isham synthesizer
Mark Isham trumpet
Michael Ross art direction
Mick Glossop engineer
Mike Putland photography
Paul Westwood bass
Pete Van Hooke drums
Pete Van Hooke percussion
Pete Van Hooke photography
Pete Van Hooke producer
Phil Bagenal engineer
Simon Ryan design
Steve Prestage engineer

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