Brubeck & Desmond 1975: the Duets - Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond

Stock Number
POCM 5041
Horizon Records
CD album.
Released: 1993-12 -1
Credit Role Sort descending
Paul Desmond alto sax
Dave Brubeck arranger
Caiphus Semenya arranger
Roland Young art direction
David Achelis assistant engineer
Phil Shima design
Stan Evenson design
Isabelle Wong design (reiisue)
Elvin Campbell engineer
Paul Desmond liner notes
Kevin Reeves mastering (reissue)
Harry Mittman photography
Dave Brubeck piano
John Snyder producer
Isabelle Wong reissue design
Kevin Reeves reissue mastering
Harry Weinger reissue supervisor

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