Hearts and Numbers

Stock Number
WH 0106
WH 0106-A/B
Windham Hill Records
United States
vinyl album, CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1985
Recording Notes
Custom liner.
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Pointing at the Moon 12:06:15 AM
2 More Pointing 12:03:07 AM
3 Pools 12:05:16 AM
4 Regrets 12:05:14 AM
5 Four Sleepers 12:05:27 AM
6 Human Bites 12:05:21 AM
7 Act Natural 12:05:04 AM
8 Hearts and Numbers 12:03:05 AM
Personnel Role
Bob Ludwig mastering
Bob Mann guitar
Bruce Lampcov assistant engineer
Bruce Lampcov mix assistant
Clifford Carter programming
Dave Greenberg assistant engineer
Dave Greenberg mix assistant
Deborah Feingold photography
Dennis Gallagher art direction
Dennis Gallagher design