Goodbye - Dubstar

Stock Number
31453 7961
731453 900028
A&M Associated Labels (Polydor)
United States
CD album.
Released: 1997-9 -23
Recording Notes
Deleted 9/18/2003
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Stars 00:04:10
2 Inside 00:03:44
3 Cathedral Park 00:03:14
4 Just a Girl She Said 00:04:39
5 The View From Here 00:03:42
6 It's Clear 00:02:22
7 No More Talk 00:03:39
8 Anywhere 00:03:40
9 Ghost 00:03:35
10 Can't Tell Me 00:03:22
11 I Will Be Your Girlfriend 00:03:37
12 Wearchest 00:03:17
13 St. Swithin's Day 00:04:02
14 Not So Manic Now 00:04:28
15 Stars (Motiv 8 Mix) 00:03:54
16 Not So Manic Now (Way Out West Mix) 00:06:20
17 Stars (Way Out West Mix) 00:06:13
Credit Role Sort descending
Stephen Hague accordion
Simon Clarke arranger
Jon Kirby arranger
Steve Clow assistant engineer
Meabh Flynn assistant engineer
Phil Spalding bass
Chris Wilkie bass
Audrey Riley cello
Attik Design Limited design
Paul Wadsworth drums
Graeme Robinson drums
Graeme Robinson engineer
Evan Davies engineer
Richard Norris engineer
Sam Hardaker engineer
Chris Wilkie guitar
Jon Kirby keyboards
Chris Wilkie mandolin
Mike Drake mix
Stephen Hague mix
Andy Duncan percussion
Rob Steel photography
Graeme Robinson producer
Way Out West producer
Stephen Hague producer
Steve Rodway producer
Steve Rodway remix
Way Out West remix
Simon Clarke sax
Tim Sanders tenor sax
Roddy Lorimer trumpet
Susan Dench viola
Chris Tomblin violin
Leo Payne violin
Sarah Blackwood vocal

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