Fire and Water - Free

Stock Number
600753 181850
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 2009-6 -23
Recording Notes
Reissue. Deleted 5/30/2012
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
3 Remember 00:04:23
2 Oh I Wept 00:04:26
5 Mr. Big 00:06:00
4 Heavy Load 00:05:17
1 Fire and Water 00:04:04
6 Don't Say You Love Me 00:06:01
7 All Right Now 00:05:32
Credit Sort ascending Role
Simon Kirke producer
Roy Baker engineer
Richard Polak photography
Paul Rodgers producer
Paul Kossoff producer
Pamela Smith illustration
Mike Sida design
John Kelly producer
Hiroshi photography
Andy Fraser producer

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