The Last Cowboy - Gallagher & Lyle

Stock Number
YAM 68273
A&M Records
Recording Notes
Hamlet series
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
7 We 00:00:00
9 Villain Of the Peace 00:00:00
10 The Last Cowboy 00:00:00
2 Song and Dance Man 00:00:00
6 Rain 00:00:00
8 Mhairu 00:00:00
5 King Of the Silents 00:00:00
1 Keep the Candle Burning 00:00:00
4 I'm Amazed 00:00:00
3 Acne Blues 00:00:00
Credit Sort ascending Role
Stewart Grant photography
Maurice Tate photo tinting
Jimmy Jewell sax
Graham Lyle guitar
Graham Lyle lead vocal
Glyn Johns producer
Fabio Nicoli art direction
Doug Sax mastering
Bruce Rowland drums
Brian Rogers string arrangement
Billy Livsey piano
Benny Gallagher guitar
Benny Gallagher keyboards
Benny Gallagher lead vocal

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