For Producers Only - Gallagher & Lyle

Stock Number
SP 4566 Special
Rondor Music International
United States
Released: 1976
Recording Notes
Almo Irving Music Records. Single-sided 12" with five songs
Credit Role Sort descending
Benny Gallagher accrdion
Fabio Nicoli art direction
John Kelly assistant engineer
Alan Hornall bass
Mike Doud design
Ray Duffy drums
Geoff Emerick engineer
John Mumford euphonium
Benny Gallagher guitar
Graham Lyle guitar
Benny Gallagher keyboards
Graham Lyle lead vocal
Benny Gallagher lead vocal
John Mumford percussion
Gered Mankowitz photography
Billy Livsey piano
David Kershenbaum producer
Jimmy Jewell sax
Brian Rogers string arrangement
John Mumford trombone

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