The Soldier’s Tale Igor Stravinsky/Classical Symphony Sergei Prokofiev/Piano Concerto No. 1 Dimitri Shostakovich - Gerard Schwartz, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Stock Number
13491 3021
Delos Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 1990
Credit Sort descending Role
Amelia Haygood executive producer
Bruce Leek engineer
Carol Rosenberger piano
David Shifrin clarinet
Don Morrison edit
Don Morrison engineer
Don Morrison mastering
Gerard Schwartz conductor
Herb Rankin trombone
Jim Wolvington edit
Jim Wolvington engineer
Jim Wolvington mastering
Joanna Nickrenz producer
Ken Munday bassoon
Marc Aubort engineer
Marc Aubort producer
Paul Shure violin
R. O. Blechman design
Richard Feldman edit
Richard Feldman engineer
Richard Feldman mastering
Stephen Burns trumpet
Susan Ranney bass
Terry Berkowitz design
Tomas Raney percussion
Tony Plog trumpet

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