Follow You Down - Gin Blossoms

Stock Number
602517 080416
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2006-9 -14
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
1 Follow You Down 00:00:06
2 Follow You Down 00:00:06
3 Follow You Down 00:00:12
4 Follow You Down 00:00:12
5 Follow You Down 00:00:30
6 Follow You Down 00:00:45
7 Follow You Down 00:01:00
8 Follow You Down 00:01:30
9 Follow You Down 00:02:00
Credit Sort ascending Role
Scott Johnson background vocal
Scott Johnson guitar
Robin Wilson guitar
Robin Wilson vocal
Philip Rhodes background vocal
Philip Rhodes drums
Philip Rhodes percussion
John Hampton engineer
John Hampton mix
John Hampton producer
Jesse Valenzuela guitar
Jesse Valenzuela vocal
Gin Blossoms producer
Erik Flettrich engineer
Billy Siegle engineer
Billy Moss assistant engineer
Bill Leen background vocal
Bill Leen bass

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