Jubilee Twist - Heart Throbs

Stock Number
75021 5399
A&M Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1992-6 -23
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
2 Winter Come Too Soon 00:04:38
8 Tuna 00:03:00
7 Too Late 00:03:38
10 Tiny Feet (reprise) 00:02:18
1 Tiny Feet 00:04:59
4 The Girl Became the Stairs 00:04:07
5 So Far 00:05:10
3 Hooligan 00:03:58
9 Game 00:04:29
6 Bright Green Day 00:05:06
Credit Sort ascending Role
Steve Monti drums
Stephen Ward keyboards
Rose Carlotti guitar
Rose Carlotti vocal
Norman Fisher-Jones bass
Jono Podmore engineer
Jono Podmore programming
Heart Throbs engineer
Heart Throbs producer
Clif Brigden engineer
Alan Borgia engineer
Alan Borgia guitar
Alan Borgia mix
Alan Borgia vocal

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