High Street - Hustler

Stock Number
YAM 68276
Firefly Records
Track Track Title Track Time Sort descending
1 Just Leave a Good Man 00:00:00
2 Piranhas 00:00:00
3 Let the Wind Blow 00:00:00
4 Uptight Tonight 00:00:00
5 Get Outa Me 'ouse 00:00:00
6 Jack the Lad 00:00:00
7 Midnight Seducer 00:00:00
8 Miranda 00:00:00
9 The Hustler 00:00:00
Credit Role
Clive Arrowsmith photography
Fabio Nicoli art direction
John Burns engineer
Keny Daughters Moog
Keny Daughters organ
Keny Daughters piano
Micky Llewellyn guitar
Micky Llewellyn lead vocal
Nick Marshall design
Pete Gage producer
Phil Brown remix
Steve Haynes lead vocal
Tigger Lyons bass
Tigger Lyons lead vocal
Tony Beard drums
Tony Beard percussion

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