Play Loud - Hustler

Stock Number
SP 4556
SP 4851--SP 4852
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1975
Track Track Title Sort descending Track Time
3 Boggie Man 00:04:48
4 Break Of Day 00:03:59
6 Goin' Home 00:03:00
8 Little People 00:03:45
1 Money Maker 00:03:37
9 Night Creeper 00:06:54
7 Strange Love 00:04:22
5 Who D'yer Think Yer Foolin' 00:02:40
2 You Had It Coming to You 00:03:55
Credit Sort descending Role
Fabio Nicoli art direction
Gary Lyons mix
Henry Spinetti drums
Henry Spinetti percussion
Kenny Daughters keyboards
Micky Llewellyn background vocal
Micky Llewellyn guitar
Pat Moran engineer
Rod Lynton design
Roy Baker castanets
Roy Baker producer
Steve Haynes lead vocal
Tigger Lyons background vocal

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