Control the Remixes - Janet Jackson

Stock Number
602577 867422
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 2019-7 -26
Recording Notes
Double album. Deleted 1/20/2021
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Control 00:06:02
2 When I Think Of You 00:06:25
3 The Pleasure Principle 00:07:23
4 What Have You Done For Me Lately 00:07:00
5 Nasty 00:10:09
6 When I Think Of You 00:02:00
7 Control 00:07:34
8 Nasty 00:06:00
9 Let's Wait Awhile 00:04:30
10 Nasty 00:07:57
11 The Pleasure Principle 00:06:38
12 Control 00:03:55
Personnel Sort descending Role
Bob Rosa remix
David LaChappelle photography
Janet Jackson rhythm arrangement
Janet Jackson vocal arrangement
Janet Jackson co-producer
Janet Jackson producer
Jimmy Jam rhythm arrangement
Jimmy Jam vocal arrangement
Jimmy Jam producer
John McClain executive producer
John Warwicker art direction
Melanie Andrews vocal arrangement
Monte Moir rhythm arrangement
Monte Moir producer
Sarah Southin design
Shep Pettibone edit
Shep Pettibone producer
Steve Hodge remix
Steve Wiese co-producer
Terry Lewis rhythm arrangement
Terry Lewis vocal arrangement
Terry Lewis producer
Tuta Aquino edit