Jeffrey Osborne - Jeffrey Osborne

Stock Number
AMLH 64896
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1982-6 -7
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
7 You Were Made to Love 00:03:11
6 Who You Talkin' To? 00:03:31
5 Ready For Your Love 00:03:59
4 On the Wings Of Love 00:04:00
1 New Love 00:04:10
3 I Really Don't Need No Light 00:03:40
2 Eenie Meenie 00:04:23
10 Congratulations 00:02:56
9 Baby 00:04:18
8 Ain't Nothin' Missin' 00:04:09
Credit Sort ascending Role
Wally Buck assistant engineer
Tony Maiden bass
Tony Maiden guitar
Tony Maiden rhythm arrangement
Tommy Vicari engineer
Tommy Vicari mix
Steve Ferrone drums
Sheila E. (Sheila Escovedo) hand claps
Ron Kersey piano
Ron Kersey rhythm arrangement
Robert Spano assistant engineer
Robert Martin french horn
Paulinho da Costa cowbell
Paulinho da Costa percussion
Paul Shure concert master
Paul Jackson guitar
Nick Spigel assistant engineer
Michael Sembello guitar
Michael Sembello rhythm arrangement
Matt Forger assistant engineer
Lynn Robb art direction
Lynn Robb design
Lynn Davis vocal
Louis Jordan bass
Lew McCreary trombone
Len Ron Hanks rhythm arrangement
Larry Williams flute
Larry Williams piccolo
Larry Williams sax
Larry Graham bass
Jorge del Barrio string arrangement
John Barnes organ
Jerry Hey arranger
Jerry Hey trumpet
Jeffrey Osborne arranger
Jeffrey Osborne hand claps
Jeffrey Osborne rhythm arrangement
Jeffrey Osborne vocal
Jeffrey Osborne vocoder
George Duke bells
George Duke hand claps
George Duke piano
George Duke producer
George Duke rhythm arrangement
George Duke vocoder
Gary Grant trumpet
Ernie Watts tenor sax
Erik Zobler engineer
David Wolinski rhythm arrangement
David T. Walker guitar
Chuck Beeson art direction
Charles Fearing guitar
Bobby Lyle piano
Bobby Holland photography
Bernie Grundman mastering
Benny Faccone assistant engineer
Arif Mardin orchestration
Abraham Laboriel bass

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