Emotional - Jeffrey Osborne

Stock Number
CDA 5103
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1986-6 -5
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
2 You Should Be Mine (Woo Woo Song) 00:04:23
9 Who Would Have Guessed 00:05:00
1 We Belong to Love 00:04:34
3 Soweto 00:04:52
5 Room With a View 00:04:09
8 Love's Not Ready 00:03:59
4 In Your Eyes 00:03:15
6 Emotional 00:04:35
10 Come Midnight 00:04:54
7 A Second Chance 00:04:37
Credit Sort ascending Role
Tommy Vicari engineer
Tommy Vicari mix
Thaddeus Edwards production assistant
Steve Anderson remix
Rod Temperton producer
Richard Perry producer
Philip Moores engineer
Michael Masser producer
Jeffrey Osborne producer
Jason Davies remix
Hamish Stuart co-producer
George Duke producer
Frank Musker co-producer
Erik Zobler engineer
Chuck Beeson art direction
Chuck Beeson design
Bruce Roberts associate producer
Brian Gardner mastering
Bonnie Schiffman photography
Andy Goldmark associate producer

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