Don't Stop - Jeffrey Osborne

Stock Number
AMLX 65017
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1984
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
6 You Can't Be Serious 00:04:46
4 The Power 00:04:50
3 The Borderlines 00:05:27
9 Live For Today 00:04:23
2 Let Me Know 00:05:25
5 Is It Right 00:04:36
8 Hot Coals 00:03:52
1 Don't Stop 00:04:08
7 Crazy 'Bout Cha 00:03:26
Credit Sort ascending Role
Tremaine Hawkins background vocal
Tremaine Hawkins choir
Tommy Vicari engineer
Tommy Vicari remix
Syreeta Wright background vocal
Steve Ferrone drums
Steve Evans assistant engineer
Stan Plummer violin
Sid Sharp violin
Sharon Rice assistant engineer
Ron Folsom violin
Ron Cooper cello
Rollice Dale viola
Reg Hill violin
Raymond Jones synthesizer
Ray Kelley cello
Ray Blair assistant engineer
Portia Griffin background vocal
Paulinho da Costa percussion
Paul Jackson, Jr. guitar
Pat Benatar choir
Pam Goldsmith viola
Nick Spigel assistant engineer
Mitch Gibson assistant engineer
Michael Sembello guitar
Matthew Rolston photography
Mark Ettel assistant engineer
Lynn Davis background vocal
Lynn Davis choir
Louis Johnson bass
Kenny Loggins choir
Karen Jones violin
Joyce Kennedy choir
Joy Lyle violin
Jorge del Barrio arranger
John Heiden design
John Barnes synthesizer
Jimmy Getzoff violin
Jeffrey Osborne background vocal
Jeffrey Osborne choir
Jeffrey Osborne drum machine programming
Jeffrey Osborne synthesizer
Jeffrey Osborne vocal
James Ingram choir
Irma Neumann violin
Howard Hewett choir
Henry Ferber violin
George Duke piano
George Duke producer
George Duke synthesizer
Gary Chang synthesizer
Freddie Washington bass
Fred Seykora cello
Frank Dookun assistant engineer
Erik Zobler assistant engineer
Earl Madison cello
Don Freeman drum machine programming
Don Freeman piano
Don Freeman synthesizer
Derek Nakamoto programming
Debra Laws choir
David Wolinski drum machine
David Wolinski piano
David Wolinski synthesizer
Dave Schwartz viola
Dave Risina violin
Dave Luke assistant engineer
Danny Kopelson assistant engineer
Daniel Sembello synthesizer
Constance de Guzman production assistant
Chuck Beeson art direction
Chuck Beeson design
Charles Fearing guitar
Catherine Gotthoffer harp
Brian Gardner mastering
Bino Espinoza assistant engineer
Assa Drori violin
Arnold Belnick violin
Allan Harshman viola
Abraham Laboriel bass

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