Stay With Me Tonight - Jeffrey Osborne

Stock Number
AM 7087
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1983
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Don't You Get So Mad 00:03:48
2 We're Going All the Way 00:04:15
3 Stay With Me Tonight 00:04:55
4 Greatest Love Affair 00:05:01
5 Plane Love 00:04:00
6 Other Side Of the Coin 00:03:38
7 I'll Make Believe 00:05:04
8 When Are You Comin' Back? 00:04:01
9 Forever Mine 00:05:14
10 Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right 00:04:39
Credit Role Sort descending
Lynn Robb art direction
Chuck Beeson art direction
Barbara Rooney assistant engineer
Matt Forger assistant engineer
Steve Schmidt assistant engineer
Nick Spigel assistant engineer
Jerry Hey Co-arranger
Jeffrey Osborne Co-arranger
George Duke Co-arranger
Lynn Robb design
Tommy Vicari engineer
Peter Chaikin engineer
Erik Zobler engineer
George Duke horn arrangement
Jerry Hey horn arrangement
Jeffrey Osborne horn arrangement
Brian Gardner mastering
Bill Bottrell mix
Lisa Powers photography
George Duke producer
Cheryl Brown production assistant
John McClain production consultant
Tommy Vicari remix
Jeffrey Osborne rhythm arranger
George Duke rhythm arranger
Jorge del Barrio string arrangement
Jeffrey Osborne vocal

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