Shockadelica - Jesse Johnson

Stock Number
SP 5122
A&M Records
vinyl album, CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1986
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Change Your Mind 00:04:07
2 Crazay 00:03:59
3 Baby Let's Kiss 00:03:40
4 A Better Way 00:03:53
5 Do Yourself a Favor 00:03:55
6 She (I Can't Resist) 00:04:50
7 Addicttion 00:04:12
8 Tonite 00:04:00
9 Burn You Up 00:04:22
10 Black In America 00:02:53
Credit Role Sort descending
Melanie Nissen art direction
Charmin Michelle background vocal
Gerry Hubbard background vocal
Tim Bradley background vocal
Michael Baker background vocal
Kim Cage background vocal
Keith Lewis background vocal
Gerry Hubbard bass
John Heiden design
Rocky Harris drums
Kevin Madeja engineer
Steve Hodge engineer
Jesse Johnson engineer
John McClain executive producer
Michael Baker guitar
Sonny Thompson guitar
Keith Lewis keyboards
Sonny Thompson keyboards
Tim Bradley keyboards
Jesse Johnson lead guitar
Jesse Johnson lead vocal
Kevin Madeja mix
Jesse Johnson mix
Steve Hodge mix
William Doughty percussion
Allen Beaulieu photography
Jesse Johnson producer

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