Every Shade Of Love - Jesse Johnson

Stock Number
SP 12273
SP 012274-A/B
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1988
Recording Notes
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
1 Every Shade Of Love (7" Edit) 00:03:58
3 Every Shade Of Love (7" Edit) 00:04:10
2 Every Shade Of Love (12" Remix) 00:06:14
4 Every Shade Of Love (12" Remix) 00:07:34
Credit Sort ascending Role
Ta Mara (Margaret Cox) background vocal
Susan Rogers engineer
Susan Rogers mix
Sue Ann background vocal
Steve Peck remix
Steve Beltran remix
Shep Pettibone remix
Lynn Robb art direction
Lynn Robb design
Kim Cage lead vocal
Keith Cohen engineer
Keith Cohen mix
Keith Cohen remix
John Paris drums
John McClain executive producer
Jesse Johnson arranger
Jesse Johnson engineer
Jesse Johnson guitar
Jesse Johnson lead vocal
Jesse Johnson mix
Jesse Johnson producer
Jeff Lorber clavinet
Jeff Katz photography
Eddie Mininfield sax
Clare Fischer strings
Chuck Beeson art direction

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