Commitment - Jim Hall

Stock Number
75021 0811
A&M Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 1990
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
7 When I Fall In Love 00:01:50
8 Walk Soft 00:07:13
6 One Morning In May 00:03:30
4 My One and Only Love 00:05:48
5 Lament For a Fallen Matador 00:11:44
2 Indian Summer 00:06:38
3 Down the Line 00:03:20
1 Bermuda Bye Bye 00:05:58
Credit Sort ascending Role
Tony May engineer
Tommy Flanagan piano
Terry Clarke drums
Rudy Van Gelder remastering
Ron Carter bass
John Snyder digital producer
John Snyder producer
Joan LaBarbara vocal
Jim Hall guitar
Jane Hall vocal
Don Thompson piano
Don Sebesky arranger
Art Farmer flugelhorn
Allan Ganley drums

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