Lie to Me - Jonny Lang

Stock Number
602517 098114
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2006-9 -22
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Lie to Me 00:00:07
2 Lie to Me 00:00:12
3 Lie to Me 00:00:15
4 Lie to Me 00:00:20
5 Lie to Me 00:00:30
6 Lie to Me 00:00:45
7 Lie to Me 00:01:00
8 Lie to Me 00:01:30
9 Lie to Me 00:02:00
Credit Role Sort descending
Jonny Lang arranger
David Rivkin arranger
Karen Walker art direction
Kevin Page assistant engineer
David Streeby assistant engineer
Mike Bullock assistant engineer
Jonny Lang background vocal
Heidi Jo background vocal
David Rivkin background vocal
Marcia Langseth background vocal
Bruce McCabe background vocal
Bekka Bramlett background vocal
David Smith bass
Bruce McCabe clavinet
Karen Walker design
Rob Stupka drums
Steve Potts drums
David Rivkin engineer
Tom Tucker engineer
Kevin Bowe guitar
Ted Larsen guitar
Jack Holder guitar
Billy Franzee guitar
Dennis Morgan guitar
Jonny Lang guitar
Pat Hayes harmonica
Art Edmaiston horns
Dedrick Davis horns
Larry McCabe horns
Bruce McCabe keyboards
Dave Collins mastering
Ed Cherney mix
Ricky Peterson organ
Tony Black organ
Frank Ockenfels photography
Bruce McCabe piano
David Rivkin producer
Art Edmaiston sax
Tony Black synthesizer
Larry McCabe trombone
Jonny Lang vocal

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