The Way It Is - Keyshia Cole

Stock Number
602498 832257
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 2005-6 -21
Recording Notes
Explicit. Deleted 3/20/2008.
Track Track Title Track Time
1 (I Just Want It) to Be Over 00:00:00
2 I Changed My Mind 00:00:00
3 Love, I Thought You Had My Back 00:00:00
4 I Should Have Cheated 00:00:00
5 Guess What? 00:00:00
6 Love 00:00:00
7 You've Changed 00:00:00
8 We Could Be 00:00:00
9 Situations 00:00:00
10 Down and Dirty 00:00:00
11 Superstar 00:00:00
12 Never 00:00:00
13 Love (Live AOL Session) 00:00:00
14 I Changed My Mind 00:00:00
Credit Role Sort descending
Bobby Green
Metro City
Solomon Burke
Ron Fair arranger
Gregory Curtis arranger
Anthony Kilhoffer assistant engineer
Jun Ishizeki assistant engineer
Ethan Willoughby assistant engineer
J. D. Andrew assistant engineer
Nico Abondolo bass
Mike Valerio bass
Steve Rodriguez bass
Tal Herzberg bass
Cecelia Tsan cello
David Low cello
Steve Erdody cello
Suzie Katayama cello
Tal Herzberg co-producer
Jonathan Partch coordination
Debbie Fenstermacher coordination
Deb Fenstermacher coordination
Danielle Demmerella coordination
Jason Clark design
Jason Stallworth drums
Tal Herzberg engineer
J. D. Andrew engineer
Anthony Kilhoffer engineer
Gregory Curtis engineer
Shannon Braxton engineer
Ann Mincieli engineer
Damon Eliot engineer
Jun Ishizeki engineer
Damon Elliot engineer
Keyshia Cole executive producer
Manny Halley executive producer
Ron Fair executive producer
Dan Higgins flute
Ron Fair harmonica
Gayle Levant harp
Joel Peskin horns
Jerry Hey horns
Gary Grant horns
Chops horns
Bill Reichenbach horns
Dan Higgins horns
Ron Fair mix
Dave Pensado mix
Ariel Chobaz mix assistant
Ethan Willoughby mix assistant
Ron Fair organ
Chapman Baehler photography
Jason Clark Foto photography
Tal Herzberg Pro Tools edit
Loren Hill producer
Krucial Keys producer
Daron Jones producer
Toxic producer
Kevin Veney producer
Kerry Brothers producer
Mix producer
Rich Shelton producer
Kanye West producer
Damon Elliot producer
Diesel producer
Alexandre de Veiga producer
Erroll McCalla, Jr. producer
Damon Eliot producer
Ron Fair producer
Andre Parker producer
Sean Garrett producer
Jamal Jones producer
Gregory Curtis producer
Kerry Brothers programming
Erroll McCalla, Jr. programming
Vicki Miskolezy viola
Marlow Fisher viola
Matt Funes viola
Darrin McCann viola
David Walther viola
Brian Dembow viola
Simon Oswell viola
Sara Parkins violin
Mario DeLeon violin
Sarah Thornblade violin
Bruce Dukov violin
Sid Page violin
Jackie Brand violin
Songa Lee violin
Charles Bisharat violin
Clayton Haslop violin
Anatoly Rosinsky violin
Endre Granat violin
Tammy Hatwan violin
Alan Grunfeld violin
Berj Garabedian violin
Becky Bunnell violin
Kenneth Yerke violin
Natalie Leggett violin
Armen Garabedian violin
Phillip Levy violin
Rene Mandel violin
Katia Popov violin
Roberto Cani violin
Robin Olson violin
Julie Gigante violin
Josefina Vergara violin
Joel Derouin violin
Eve vocal
Jadakiss vocal
Ron Fair vocal arrangement
Keyshia Cole vocal arrangement

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