I'm Just a Man - Larry Springfield

Stock Number
28965 4007
Tabu Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1992-6 -23
Track Track Title Track Time
1 All the Way Love 00:04:06
2 Is It That Girl? 00:04:30
3 Don't Say No 00:05:15
4 Stand By My Woman (reprise) 00:05:52
5 Lover-To-Lover 00:04:44
6 I'm Just a Man 00:04:34
7 Is It That Girl? (reprise) 00:01:09
8 Stay 00:03:58
9 All Of Me 00:04:25
10 Holding Out For Love 00:04:31
11 PPS 00:04:19
12 She's All That 00:04:16
13 Only You 00:04:19
14 Stand by My Woman (reprise) 00:00:51
Credit Role Sort ascending
Lyshundria Taylor vocal
Phalon vocal
Kenneth Jackson trumpet
Christopher Troy synthesizer
Louis McKay, III sounds
Tony Collins sounds
Kurt Clayton sounds
Michael Patterson sounds
Zac Harmon sitar
Pat Register sax
Louis McKay, III programming
Arnold Hennings programming
Larry Springfield programming
Kurt Clayton programming
Tony Collins programming
Louis McKay, III producer
Zac Harmon producer
Larry Springfield producer
Kurt Clayton producer
Tony Collins producer
Christopher Troy producer
Arnold Hennings producer
Kary Baddour piano
Christopher Troy piano
Zac Harmon percussion
Brian Gardner mastering
Christopher Troy keyboards
Greg Poree guitar
Angelo Earl guitar
Clarence Avant executive producer
Terry Starks executive producer
Steve Potts drums
Lloyd Anderson drums
Christopher Troy drums
Larry Springfield co-producer
Tony Collins co-producer
Zac Harmon bells
Zac Harmon bass
Dewayne Thomas bass
Nathaniel Malone background vocal
Andre Peeples background vocal
Darrin Smith background vocal
Valerie Davis background vocal
Topaza Watkins background vocal
Kelley Hurt background vocal
Lavistia Miller background vocal
Stephanie Bolton background vocal
Larry Springfield background vocal
Patrick Commander background vocal
Lyshundria Taylor background vocal
Michael Webb background vocal
Donn Davenport art direction

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