Big Boy - Mark Andrews & the Gents

Stock Number
SP 4812
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1980
Track Track Title Track Time Sort descending
10 Let Yourself Go 00:01:50
11 In a Jam 00:02:17
1 West One 00:02:18
8 Does It Get to You (Like It Gets to Me) 00:02:30
2 Say It's All Right 00:02:53
6 Laid On a Plate 00:02:54
4 Don't Let Go 00:03:08
3 Talking With Your Body 00:03:24
9 Show Me 00:03:24
7 Born to Be Wild 00:03:29
5 Big Boy 00:04:26
Credit Role
Barry Lines guitar
Barry Lines lead vocal
Brian Kemp keyboards
Brian Kemp lead vocal
Chuck Beeson art direction
Fin Costello photography
Frank DeLuna mastering
Larry Tolfree drums
Mark Andres guitar
Mark Andres lead vocal
Martin Sawtell bass
Martin Sawtell lead vocal
Melanie Nissen design
Simaen Skolfield engineer
Simon Boswell producer

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