Mayday - Mayday

Stock Number
SP 4873
A&M Records
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1981
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
2 So Young So Bad 00:02:42
10 Once Upon a Time 00:04:09
3 New York City 00:02:36
6 Love Affair 00:03:32
4 Loco Love 00:02:57
5 Life In Space 00:05:00
7 Innocent Bystander 00:04:38
8 Getaway 00:03:18
9 Familiar Faces 00:05:20
1 Chicago Nights 00:03:23
Credit Sort ascending Role
Waring Abbott photography
Steve Johnstad lead vocal
Randy Fredrix assistant producer
Randy Fredrix guitar
Randy Fredrix lead vocal
Mick Haggerty design
Michael Friedman executive producer
Mark Kaufman drums
Jeff Ayeroff art direction
Harvey Goldberg mix
Gregg Gerson drums
George Marino mastering
Don Silver producer
Charles Mas background vocal
Charles Mas bass
Charles Mas guitar
Ben Wisch engineer
Ben Wisch mix
Ben Wisch producer

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