Stock Number
SP 4855
SP 04855-A/B
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1981
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Too Many Questions 00:03:59
2 Workin' Overtime 00:03:27
3 Best Thing I Never Had 00:04:14
4 Goodbye Cruel World 00:04:09
5 Why Me 00:03:05
6 Get Yours Tonight 00:04:47
7 Hurt Me 00:03:07
8 Can I Come Over Tonight? 00:03:38
9 Always Something 00:04:10
Credit Sort descending Role
David Mikeal guitar
David Mikeal vocal
Ernie Sheesley assistant engineer
George Marino mastering
Greg Webster assistant engineer
Harvey Goldberg mix
Kim Smith guitar
Kim Smith vocal
Michael Bolt drums
Michael Bolt vocal
MPG arranger
Phil Knox assistant producer
Steve Carey keyboards
Steve Carey producer
Steve Carey vocal
Steve Locklin bass
Steve Locklin vocal
Tom Knox engineer
Tom Knox mix
Tom Knox producer

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