No Boundaries - Native

Stock Number
75021 5248
A&M Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1990
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Breakfast With a Stranger 00:04:39
2 Did She Fall Or Was She Pushed? 00:04:12
3 Inca Doll 00:03:31
4 Haiti 00:05:06
5 Appeal to Reason 00:04:22
6 No Place Like Home 00:03:48
7 This Little Girl's Lost 00:03:38
8 We Were Younger Than 00:03:58
9 You and Me 00:05:43
10 You Make a Difference 00:03:04
11 Wonderful World 00:03:43
Credit Role Sort descending
Mike Timony accordion
Graham Gouldman arranger
Stuart Tosh background vocal
Duncan MacKay background vocal
Rick Fenn background vocal
Graham Gouldman background vocal
Graham Gouldman bass
Sid Sharp concert master
Joel Sill coordination
Paul Burgess drums
Chris Nagle engineer
Tony Spath engineer
Larry Forkner engineer
Alan Barson engineer
Graham Gouldman guitar
Rick Fenn guitar
S. Chorney illustration
Duncan MacKay keyboards
Graham Gouldman lead vocal
Tony Spath mix
Jimmie Haskell orchestration
Graham Gouldman percussion
Paul Burgess percussion
Graham Gouldman producer

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