Nutz - Nutz

Stock Number
SP 3648
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1974
Recording Notes
Recorded February-June 1974, custom liner. SPJ 3647 Audiophile Half-Speed Master
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Poor Man 00:02:18
2 Ain't No Thanks to You 00:04:16
3 Spoke in a Wheel 00:03:33
4 I Can't Unwind 00:02:53
5 Can't Tell Her Why 00:04:55
6 As Far As the Eye Can See 00:03:34
7 Love Will Last Forever 00:02:32
8 Light Of Day 00:04:27
9 Round & Round 00:03:44
10 Joke 00:03:46
Credit Sort descending Role
Chris Hughes brass
Dave Lloyd guitar
Dave Lloyd vocal
Geoff Halpin design
Geoff Halpin photography
John Anthony producer
John Bundrick organ
John Bundrick piano
John Mylett drums
John Mylett percussion
Keith Morris photography
Keith Mulholland bass
Keith Mulholland vocal
Mick Devonport vocal
Mike Doud art direction
Pat Moran engineer
Ted Sharp mix

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