Flaming Red - Patty Griffin

Stock Number
31454 0907
A&M Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1998-6 -23
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve. Cassette deleted 02/12/2002. CD deleted 4/14/2017
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Flaming Red 00:02:13
2 One Big Love 00:04:14
3 Tony 00:04:10
4 Change 00:04:14
5 Goodbye 00:04:15
6 Carry Me 00:03:29
7 Christina 00:04:34
8 Wiggley Fingers 00:04:07
9 Blue Sky 00:03:41
10 Big Daddy 00:03:07
11 Go Now 00:02:41
12 Mary 00:05:16
13 Peter Pan 00:04:14
Credit Role Sort ascending
Patty Griffin vocal
John Catchings strings
Kristin Wilkinson strings
Kathryn Plummer strings
David Davidson strings
Giles Reeves programming
Jay Joyce programming
Angelo Petragia producer
Jay Joyce producer
Ken Schles photography
Femio Hernandez mix assistant
David Leonard mix
Tom Lord-Alge mix
Jay Joyce mix
George Marino mastering
Michael Ramos keyboards
Jay Joyce keyboards
Giles Reeves keyboards
Patty Griffin guitar
Jay Joyce guitar
Ty Tyler guitar
Angelo Petragia guitar
Daniel Tashian guitar
Doug Lancio guitar
Michael Baker executive producer
David Leonard engineer
Jay Joyce engineer
Rick Will engineer
Frank Sass drums
Kenny Aronoff drums
Brad Pemberton drums
Chris Feinstein bass
Mike Joyce bass
Emmylou Harris background vocal
Julie Miller background vocal
Patty Griffin background vocal
Buddy Miller background vocal
Iodine Boys Choir background vocal
Chris Stone assistant engineer
Charlie Brocco assistant engineer
Reid Shippen assistant engineer

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