Paul Jefferson - Paul Jefferson

Stock Number
AMSD 80007
705178 000820
Almo Sounds
United States
CD album.
Released: 1996-7 -16
Recording Notes
Deleted 05/16/2000
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Check Please 00:03:08
2 I Will 00:03:15
3 I Might Just Make It 00:02:54
4 Unconditionally 00:03:21
5 Nothing Comes Close 00:03:11
6 I Can't Turn That Train Around 00:03:32
7 Missouri 00:02:33
8 Fear Of a Broken Heart 00:03:10
9 I'm Here 00:03:07
10 Common Ground 00:03:40
Credit Role Sort descending
Ken Hutton assistant engineer
Dave Pomeroy bass
Eddie Bayers drums
Carlos Grier edit
Alan Shulman engineer
Dave Sinko engineer
Rob Hajacos fiddle
Billy Joe Walker, Jr. guitar
Brent Mason guitar
Keith Urban guitar
Steve Nathan keyboards
Sam Bush mandolin
Denny Purcell mastering
Garth Fundis mix
Dave Sinko mix
John Hobbs organ
John Hobbs piano
Dennis Burnside piano
Steve Nathan piano
Garth Fundis producer
Scott Paschall production assistant
Paul Franklin steel guitar

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