Gratitude - Phil Woods Quintet

Stock Number
81757 1316
CD 71327
Denon Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 1991
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
8 Ya Know 00:10:55
7 Times Mirror 00:07:54
6 Tenor Of the Times 00:11:00
5 Serenade in Blue 00:07:31
4 My Azure 00:08:33
3 Gratitude 00:09:06
2 Another Jones 00:09:47
1 111-44 00:06:40
Credit Sort ascending Role
Tom Ueno executive producer
Tom Harrell flugelhorn
Tom Harrell trumpet
Steve Gilmore bass
Sonny Lester executive producer
Shigeru Uchiyama photography
Ryuro Nakamura artwork
Phil Woods alto sax
Phil Woods clarinet
Masmichi Okazaki liner notes
Hal Galper piano
Gene Curtis second engineer
Ed Rak engineer
Bill Goodwin drums
Bill Goodwin producer

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