Body Heat - Quincy Jones

Stock Number
D32Y 3047
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1986-8 -21
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
2 Soul Saga (Song Of the Buffalo Soldier) 00:04:54
5 Reprise: Everything Must Change 00:00:59
6 One Track Mind 00:06:10
7 Just a Man 00:03:30
9 If I Ever Lose This Heaven 00:04:50
3 Everything Must Change 00:05:57
4 Boogie Joe, the Grinder 00:03:06
1 Body Heat 00:04:18
8 Along Came Betty 00:04:45
Credit Sort ascending Role
Wah Wah Watson guitar
Tom Morgan harmonica
Tom Bahler arranger
Roland Young art direction
Robert Margouleff ARP programming
Richard Tee electric piano
Ray Brown producer
Quincy Jones arranger
Quincy Jones mix
Quincy Jones producer
Quincy Jones vocal
Phil Upchurch guitar
Phil Schier engineer
Phil Schier mix
Pete Christlieb horns
Pau Humphrey
Myrna Matthews vocal
Minnie Riperton vocal
Mike Melvoin synthesizer
Melvin Dunlap bass
Max Bennett bass
Malcolm Cecil ARP programming
Leon Ware vocal
Joe Greene vocal
Jim Gilstrap vocal
Jesse Kirkland vocal
Jerome Richardson horns
James Gadson drums
Hubert Laws horns
Herbie Hancock ARP
Herbie Hancock piano
Hatami’s Red & Brick Collection cover art
Grady Tate drums
Frank Rosolino horns
Eric Gale guitar
Dennis Coffey guitar
David T. Walker guitar
Dave Grusin ARP
Dave Grusin electric piano
Dave Grusin electronic bass drums
Dave Grusin organ
Dave Blumberg arranger
Clifford Solomon horns
Chuck Rainey bass
Chuck Findley trumpet
Chuck Beeson design
Carolyn Willis vocal
Bruce Fisher vocal
Bobbye Hall congas
Bobbye Hall cowbell
Bobbye Hall drum
Bobbye Hall percussion
Bob James electric piano
Billy Preston ARP
Billy Preston organ
Bernard Purdie drums
Bernard Ighner vocal
Arthur Adams guitar
Al Jarreau vocal

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