John and Mary - Quincy Jones

Stock Number
LPS 77612
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1970
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
8 Wolfgang Mozart 00:01:58
4 Silent Movies 00:02:11
9 Mendelssohn 00:02:05
1 Maybe Tomorrow 00:03:10
5 Maybe Tomorrow 00:04:18
6 Main Title 00:02:48
3 Lost In Space 00:03:15
7 J. S. Bach 00:01:31
10 Handel 00:03:05
2 Bump In the Night 00:01:58
Credit Sort ascending Role
Tom Wilkes art direction
Taylor Georges producer
Strange Things vocal
Quincy Jones conductor
Quincy Jones producer
Morgan Ames Singers vocal
Evie Sands vocal

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