Murmur - R.E.M.

Stock Number
602527 070056
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 2009-6 -23
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
12 West Of the Fields 00:03:15
11 We Walk 00:03:04
4 Talk About the Passion 00:03:22
8 Sitting Still 00:04:30
10 Shaking Through 00:04:30
1 Radio Free Europe 00:04:03
2 Pilgrimage 00:04:25
6 Perfect Circle 00:03:23
5 Moral Kiosk 00:03:32
3 Laughing 00:03:52
7 Catapult 00:03:54
9 9-9 Nine 00:03:02
Credit Sort ascending Role
Vartan Kurjian reissue art direction
Todd Gallopo reissue design
Sig Sigworth reissue compilation
Sandra Phipps cover art
Sandra Phipps photography
Peter Buck guitar
Pete Doell analog to digital transfer
Pat Lawrence reissue executive producer
Monique Newman production manager
Mitch Easter engineer
Mitch Easter producer
Mike Ragogna reissue producer
Mike Mills background vocal
Mike Mills bass
Michael Stipe vocal
Kevin Flaherty reissue producer
Jeremy DiPaolo reissue design
Greg Calbi mastering
Greg Calbi reissue mastering
Don Dixon engineer
Don Dixon producer
Carl Grasso cover art
Bill Levenson reissue producer
Bill Berry drums
Ann Kinney cover art

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