Doo Hop Legacy - Rappin Is Fundamental

Stock Number
75021 5341
A&M Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1991
Track Track Title Sort descending Track Time
8 Ain't No Smoke (Without Fire) 00:05:21
10 Figurin' to Get Ill 00:05:41
2 Highway to Heaven 00:04:44
11 I Wonder If She Thinks Of Me 00:05:32
3 Now That You Know My Name 00:04:06
7 Rappin' Is Fundamental 00:04:07
6 Speak Softly 00:05:03
1 Swing Of Things 00:04:17
4 Them Boys Are Getting There 00:05:34
9 Whenever You Need an Mc/I'll Be Around 00:04:46
5 You Wanna Trip 00:05:11
Credit Sort descending Role
Barry Kolsky guitar
Brian Gardner mastering
Chris Boyd executive producer
Jannette Beckman photography
Mark Larson art direction
Mark Larson design
Neil Bowman bass
Neil Bowman guitar
Osten Harvey, Jr. producer
Osten Harvey, Jr. remix
Richard Ascencio mix
Sha’kel Powell mix
Shlomo Sonnenfeld guitar
Tomie Mundy co-producer
Tomie Mundy keyboards

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