Royal Court Of China - Royal Court of China

Stock Number
SP 5174
A&M Records
vinyl album, CD album, cassette album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 It's All Changed 00:04:53
2 The Last Day 00:03:09
3 Do You Feel the Same 00:03:04
4 Tye 00:03:23
5 Trapped In Waikiki 00:04:45
6 Forget It 00:04:32
7 Hope 00:03:40
8 Tell Me Lies 00:04:05
9 My Babylon 00:04:12
10 Townsend, TN 00:02:24
11 Man In Black 00:04:40
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Thorup photography
Chris Mekow background vocal
Chris Mekow drums
Chris Mekow percussion
Donald Krieger art direction
Donald Krieger design
Greg Parker assistant engineer
Jeff Gold art direction
Jim Champagne assistant engineer
Joe Blanton guitar
Joe Blanton vocal
John Mills engineer
Oscar Rice guitar
Patrick McGuinn photography
Rebecca Stout photography
Robert Logue bass
Robert Logue mandolin
Royal Court of China design
Royal Court of China producer
Ted Jensen mastering

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