One Of Many Nights

Stock Number
28965 4003
Tabu Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1991-9 -24
Track Track Title Track Time
1 I Wanna Be the One 00:05:26
2 Sometimes I Wonder 00:04:50
3 Broken Promises 00:05:01
4 How Can We Ever Get Back Together 00:05:41
5 Are You Read 00:04:54
6 Can't Explain 00:05:28
7 Someone I Can Love 00:05:35
8 Get Hyped On This 00:05:38
9 I Only Want You 00:05:24
10 One Of Many Nights 00:07:17
Personnel Role
Abdul Raoof trumpet
Abdul Raoof percussion
Abdul Raoof background vocals
Anthony Jeffries assistant engineer
Bill Smith assistant engineer
Brian Gardner mastering
Bruce Volk assistant engineer
Bruno Speight guitar
Bruno Speight percussion
Carmen Carter background vocals