Confetti - Sergio Mendes

Stock Number
AMLH 64983
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1984
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Olympia 00:05:25
2 Say It With Your Body 00:04:31
3 Let's Give a Little More This Time 00:03:42
4 The Sound Of One Song 00:03:23
5 Alibis 00:03:59
6 Dance Attack 00:03:55
7 Kisses 00:03:20
8 Real Life 00:03:59
9 Morrer De Amor (To Die Of Love) 00:03:29
Credit Role Sort descending
Michael Boddicker
Robbie Buchanan
Oscar Castro-Neves acoustic guitar
Ivan Lins arranger
Don Freeman arranger
Robbie Buchanan arranger
Sergio Mendes arranger
Roland Young art direction
Benny Faccone assistant engineer
Lani Hall background vocal
Kristen Bernhardi background vocal
James Ingram background vocal
Jeffrey Osborne background vocal
Jennifer Cathcart background vocal
Jessica Harris background vocal
Joe Pizzulo background vocal
Joel Harris background vocal
Julia Waters background vocal
Kristina Birk background vocal
Sergio Mendes background vocal
Sandie Hall background vocal
Latisha Smith background vocal
Maxine Waters background vocal
Tom Faragher background vocal
Teresa Dawson background vocal
Phil Perry background vocal
Rebecca Clinger background vocal
Richard Hamilton background vocal
Beth Anderson background vocal
Brandon Roberts background vocal
Elizabeth Cathcart background vocal
Gary Falcone background vocal
Carmen Twillie background vocal
Harold Clousing background vocal
Deborah Davis background vocal
James Johnson bass
Nathan East bass
Mary C. Lane cello
Harry Shlutz cello
David H. Speltz cello
Raphael Kramer cello
Terry Bozzio clap-trap
Oscar Castro-Neves conductor
Tracey Shiffman design
Terry Bozzio drum proramming
Carlos Vega drums
John Robinson drums
Bruce Swedien engineer
Geoff Gillette engineer
Gilson Peranzetta Fender Rhodes
Dan Huff guitar
Paul Jackson, Jr. guitar
Tracey Shiffman illustration
Sergio Mendes keyboards
Siedah Garrett lead vocal
Bernie Grundman mastering
Bruce Swedien mix
Ron Powell percussion
Sergio Mendes percussion
Steve Forman percussion
Otto Stupakoff photography
Ivan Lins piano
Robbie Buchanan producer
Barry Mann producer
Sergio Mendes producer
Bruce Swedien producer
Ernie Watts sax
Oscar Castro-Neves string arrangement
John Beasley synthesizer arrangement
Randy Waldman synthesizer programming
John Barnes synthesizer programming
John Beasley synthesizer programming
Sergio Mendes synthesizer programming
Robbie Buchanan synthesizer programming
Michael Boddicker synthesizer programming
Don Dorsey synthesizer programming
Reg Hill violin
Isabelle Daskoff violin
Harold Wolf violin
Norma Leonard violin
Gerald Vinci violin
George Kast violin
Constance Meyer violin
Spiro Stamos violin
Bill Hybell violin
David Montagu violin
Mari Trumura Botnick violin
Robert Sushel violin
Joe Pizzulo vocal arrangement
Gary Falcone vocal arrangement

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