The Dreams Of Children

Stock Number
WH 1038
WH 1038-A/B
Windham Hill Records
United States
vinyl album, CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1985
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Another Country 00:04:20
2 Snowline 00:04:30
3 Big Song 00:04:00
4 Dreams Of Children 00:04:50
5 Word from the Village 00:04:40
6 Kindred Spirits 00:04:15
7 Shaman Song 00:05:20
8 Above the Wailing Wall 00:04:50
Personnel Role
Andy d'Addario assistant engineer
Anne Ackerman design
Bernie Grundman mastering
Chuck Greenberg producer
Chuck Greenberg lyricon
Chuck Greenberg tenor sax
Chuck Greenberg soprano sax
David Lewis synthesizer
David Lewis piano
G. E. Stinson guitar