Bright White - Shawn Phillips

Stock Number
875 006
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1973
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
4 Victoria Emmanuele 00:04:28
7 Technotronic Lad 00:03:31
2 Salty Tears 00:03:04
5 Planned "O" 00:06:36
6 Lasting Peace Of Mind 00:06:20
10 Lady Of the Blue Rose 00:06:00
9 It's a Beautiful Morning 00:03:16
8 Dream Queen 00:04:27
1 Bright White 00:02:50
3 All the Kings and Castles 00:04:33
Credit Sort ascending Role
William Smith organ
Tony Walmsley guitar
Suzanne Ayres photography
Shawn Phillips guitar
Shawn Phillips guitar synthesizer
Russ Kunkel drums
Robert Appere engineer
Robert Appere production assistant
Peter Robinson arranger
Peter Robinson keyboards
Pete Kleinow slide guitar
Paul Buckmaster arranger
Pastrami Brothers percussion
Jonathan Weston producer
John Millerburg design
John Cabalka typography
Jim Price horns
Jim Horn horns
Craig Doerge clavinet
Chuck Rainey bass
Chuck Findley brass
Bobby Keys horns
Barrington DeSouza drums

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