Badmotorfinger - Soundgarden

Stock Number
75021 5401
A&M Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 1992-6 -23
Recording Notes
Limited edition
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Rusty Cage 00:04:26
2 Outshined 00:05:11
3 Slaves and Bulldozers 00:06:56
4 Jesus Christ Pose 00:06:51
5 Face Pollution 00:02:24
6 Somewhere 00:04:21
7 Searching With My Good Eye Closed 00:06:31
8 Room a Thousand Years Wide 00:04:06
9 Mind Riot 00:04:49
10 Drawing Files 00:02:25
11 Holy Water 00:05:07
12 New Damage 00:05:40
13 Into the Void (Sealth) 00:06:36
14 Girl U Want 00:03:28
15 Stray Cat Blues 00:04:40
16 She's a Politician 00:01:45
17 Slaves and Bulldozers (live) 00:08:38
Credit Role Sort descending
Len Peltier art direction
Mark Dancey artwork
Efren Herrera assistant engineer
Ben Shepherd bass
Walberg Design design
Matt Cameron drums
Terry Date engineer
Mark Naficy engineer
Kim Thayil guitar
Chris Cornell guitar
Mark Dancey illustration
Howie Weinberg mastering
Ron St. Germain mix
John Jackson mix assistant
Michael Lavine photography
Soundgarden producer
Terry Date producer
Brett Ellias producer
Stuart Hallerman producer
Larry Brewer production assistant
Gavin Lurssen reissue remastering
Scott Granlund sax
Scot Granlund sax
Ernst Long trumpet
Chris Cornell vocal
Damon Stewart vocal

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