The Place I Love - Splinter

Stock Number
985 005
Dark Horse Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1974
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Gravy Train 00:04:00
2 Drink All Day (Got to Find Your Own Way Home) 00:03:20
3 China Light 00:04:35
4 Somebody's City 00:05:20
5 Costafine Town 00:03:10
6 The Place I Love 00:04:25
7 Situation Vacant 00:04:00
8 Elly May 00:02:43
9 Haven't Got Time 00:03:55
Credit Role Sort descending
Graham Maitland accordion
Kumar Shankar assistant engineer
Willie Weeks bass
Klaus Voormann bass
Fabio Nicoli design
Nick Marshall design
Jack Katz design
Mike Kellie drums
Jim Keltner drums
Phil McDonald engineer
George Harrison guitar
Alvin Lee guitar
George Harrison harmonium
Mel Collins horn arrangement
George Harrison jew’s harp
Billy Preston organ
George Harrison percussion
Terry O’Neill photography
Billy Preston piano
Gary Wright piano
George Harrison principal second violin
Phil McDonald remix
Bill Elliott vocal
Bob Purvis vocal

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